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Stay wild, be curious. Love travelling, explore some new. Come get the HEY feeling.

HEY [hɛɪ̯] you!

If you were to ask us to describe THE HEY HOTEL in one single sentence, our answer would probably be the following: we are the first lifestyle hotel in Interlaken. Yay! If you were then – rightly so – to look at us questioningly, we would have to make the whole thing a bit more specific, and explain to you how special it is to stay with us [Attention: Cliff-hanger]. Like this:

Grüezi from the THE HEY HOTEL in Interlaken. We are your lifestyle hotel with the Swissness factor, comfortable rooms, delicious food & drink, a hip look and a very clear approach: together is cooler. We welcome you in a relaxed open lobby concept around THE HEY RESTAURANT and THE HEY BAR, where you can recline all day long – and naturally in the evening too. Our hotel service is not only first-class, but fully adapted to your needs. In addition to a traditional breakfast buffet, we continuously offer delicious little things and special dishes in the restaurant and bar. We organise events (yours and ours), we love togetherness. We are open, spontaneous and curious – especially about you! 

Come and get the HEY feeling!

Good to know

Everything you need to know: when is breakfast served – is there breakfast at all? Where can I park? What great things can I see in Interlaken and its surroundings? And where is Interlaken in the first place? In our interesting facts category, you’ll find information related to THE HEY HOTEL and our location. Have fun browsing!


THE HEY HOTEL is perfect for your holiday if you: are a curious mountain climber, would like to experience the real Swiss factor close up, would prefer to be right in the middle instead of on the sidelines, and feel like having experiences, emotions and especially being together. HEY, you’re very welcome here!

Sleep well

HEY, variety! With a total of 192 rooms and 7 different categories, THE HEY HOTEL offers a varied selection for the most varied trip combinations. Whether you are travelling as a couple, with the family, with friends or with the gang on tour, we have the right room for you. Our rooms are furnished in a modern way, have comfortable beds and are equipped with Wifi and TV. Why don’t you have a look which category is the right one for you?

Why HEY?

When you don’t speak the same language, communication is sometimes not so easy. How do we understand one another, except by gesturing – or the few fragments that form the largest common denominator? Luckily, however, there are those words that always work – and ‘HEY’ is one of them. It’s short, succinct and understood by everybody. Simply [hɛɪ̯]! And it gets to the heart of what we would like to say to you: 

HEY, welcome! It’s great that you’ve arrived.

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