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Stay wild, be curious. Love travelling, explore some new. Come get the HEY feeling.


When you get hungry, it is already too late most of the time – too late for extensive research, too late for long journeys. You must go. Now. And thus it is very fitting that in our hotel, you are deliciously fed from morning to evening at THE HEY RESTAURANT – if you want to. It is our general rule: Eat what you like and when you like.


Time to share

All day long, we serve fresh soul food at THE HEY RESTAURANT – for sharing. Our concept: sharing dishes. In the middle of the table, many small dishes become a large single whole, from which you can try them according to your whim. Whether vegetarian, healthy junk food, a newly interpreted hot dog, or stewed, fried or boiled dishes, our menu offers a varied selection of fancy dishes.

Sharing isn’t your thing? Don’t worry! Naturally, we also serve individual dishes.

Start your day right

Starting in the morning, we offer small, hearty treats at our THE HEY BAR. From a crunchy avocado sandwich and sweet-savoury bread and jam all the way to the healthy muesli snack: Here, we guarantee that there’s something for you. For early birds and tired spirits (and all who like caffeine), our barista creates full-bodied coffee specialities. The caffeine faction loves delicious hot beverages – and for the ultimate freshness kick, we mix juicy smoothies and lassis for you.

Has your appetite been whetted?

Because we think that our THE HEY RESTAURANT is so great, it has its own website, where you can find more information about what we like, how we imagine a good kitchen to be – and above all: What we place on the table! Curious? Click to visit the restaurant website!

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