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Stay wild, be curious. Love travelling, explore some new. Come get the HEY feeling.

Food for the soul

Eating is one of, if not actually THE greatest pastimes in the world. And we’re happy to share good things. At THE HEY RESTAURANT, we therefore focus completely on sharing, specifically on sharing dishes. One table, various small dishes, everyone tries whatever they fancy. Time for more togetherness. For even more enjoyment, there’s THE HEY BAR, where coffee and tea specialities, homemade lemonades, fine wines and various tasty craft beers are available.

By the way, our kitchen is open from early in the morning until late in the evening, which means that at our hotel, you eat whenever you feel like it.

to the restaurant

Time to share

Small dishes, big enjoyment: at THE HEY RESTAURANT, we serve small plates – for sharing. Our kitchen team creates them with regional products, refines them with an exciting international flair – and in this way, brings the most delicious taste combinations on the plate. Or rather on the plates.

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