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Stay wild, be curious. Love travelling, explore some new. Come get the HEY feeling.

Discover Interlaken

Glittering lakes, snow-covered summits, grass-green meadows and the clearest air that you can imagine: If Switzerland had to send a representative to the world, Interlaken would be our favourite. So pretty, so perfect, so varied! Those who come here, experience pure Swissness – and incidentally discover a magical place that offers so, so much.

HEY, what are you up to?

Once you arrive in Interlaken, a huge selection of outdoor activities and places that are just really pretty to look at await you. Have a look!

Take a look around!

Interlaken is a real jaw-dropper: It not only has a magical mountain scenery like taken from a picture book, but also two water spots – Lake Thun and Lake Brienz – a first-class must see awaits you. Speaking of a picture book: As idyllic as the Swiss scenery presents itself in and around Interlaken, you find here an almost infinite number of hotspots for complete photo galleries. Therefore: Camera out, smart phone up – let's take some priceless pictures!

Go for it!

Our Interlaken is not only nice to look at, but also an all-rounder in terms of activities. At times soaking wet, at times snow-blown, at a high altitude, on two wheels or four – or also very leisurely on two legs: There’s really something to do here. Are you a keen hiker, a snow king or an ice princess – and maybe you like SUP? Interlaken your place to do things!

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