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Things to do!

Not just looking, but doing? Good choice. In and around Interlaken, you can live it up to your heart’s content and try out many varied activities, in summer and winter. Whether they are extended hikes through the fabulous wonderland of the Alps, exciting rafting tours with an adrenaline kick or fast skiing tours in a marvellous winter landscape: there is certainly the perfect activity for every active visitor here!


Take to your heels … and stroll through Switzerland. Wait a second, through all of Switzerland? No, that’s not necessary, the region in and around Interlaken already offers you the pure Swiss feeling. Which means that whether you are the summiteer or would like to stroll along one of the two magical lakes, it is beautiful everywhere here.

On your hiking tour, you can choose from a never-ending repertoire of hiking routes. The trail network around Interlaken is very well signposted and offers various degrees of difficulty. And the best thing is that no matter where you are, somewhere, somehow, one or the other summit will peep out and offer a fantastic panorama. Although you pass by idyllic lakes, amazing moorlands, majestic mountain passes and rustic alpine huts, your path actually leads you in only one direction: the Swiss experience!

Winter sports

In the winter, our Interlaken is transformed into a real winter wonderland – with snow-covered mountaintops, dazzlingly white valleys shimmering in the sunlight and huge icicles whose appearance amazes us. In short: it’s the place to be for all who really want to play and tumble in the snow. 

Around Interlaken, you’ll find various ski slopes suited for beginners all the way to pros. Here, you can ski, snowboard and, of course, sledge. A wild tour over snow-covered slopes, surrounded by the tremendous panorama of the Bernese Oberland – brilliant! Needless to say, the same also applies to aquatic winter sports. How about a winter kayak tour on Lake Brienz? 

Top spots for little skiers:

  • Beatenberg-Niederhorn family ski resort: three slopes with various degrees of difficulty 
  • Axalp winter sports resort: family-friendly with a view of the wintry mountain and lake scenery 
  • Diemtigtal natural preserve: slope fun in the middle of the Bernese Oberland Alps
  • Habkern ski resort: centrally located natural snow descent with four slopes
  • Aeschi-Aeschiried ski resort: natural snow slopes with a view of Lake Thun
  • Jungfrau ski region: cool descents, two snow parks, over 200 kilometres of slopes

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Water sports

Having two lakes as neighbours means having a huge advantage: here in Interlaken, water lovers get their money’s worth! Whether on Lake Thun or on Lake Brienz, there are many different water sports options for you all around THE HEY HOTEL.

Do you feel like going on an exciting canoeing trip with a view of the imposing mountain scenery, for example? Or are you more of an upright kind of person who would prefer a stand-up paddle board? What, are you one who is more excited by action in the form of wakesurfing? It’s up to you! Whether you chill and allow yourself to drift, diligently paddle or rapidly cruise: when it comes to water sports, here you can really catch the passing wave!

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Is hiking dull and train travel inflexible? Why don’t you jump on a bicycle! We believe that there are hardly more beautiful bike courses than in Interlaken and surroundings. Because here, you cycle through deep forests, over the greenest meadows, along the most enchanting lakeshores and rustic villages. And so nobody loses their way with all the distractions - which are well worth seeing - there is the appropriate course for each biker. Whether you are leisurely on the move with the comfortable e-bike, jump on the racing bike or start exploring on a good old classic bicycle, the varied routes in the Bernese Oberland are appropriate for all two-wheelers. 

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Mountain biking

More cruising than looking? Get on a mountain bike! Those who would prefer to dash less contemplatively, but a lot quicker, through the countryside, find outstanding mountain bike routes around Interlaken. In addition to the finely asphalted routes, there are still those that need a little more of a fine touch with the tyres: from natural gravelled roads to special downhill descents, these ones are bumpy. And while you then speed over rough and smooth, jump a little here and there and give yourself a thrill, exciting scenery awaits you at the end of the trail – to take a deep breath and feel free.

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Granted, being active when bathing is less of a priority for us than drifting, relaxing, leaning back. To be weightless – and with the most beautiful view of the picturesque scenery of the Bernese Oberland. It is therefore very appropriate that in the immediate vicinity of THE HEY HOTEL we have not only two beautiful lakes, but can also offer you deeply relaxing bathing areas for unwinding. 

On the one hand, there are the relaxing bathing beaches located directly on the lake. On the other hand, you can naturally also choose a little spot in one of the publicly accessible bathing beaches on the lake. In the summer, these lakes in Interlaken reach 17 to 21 degrees. Isn’t that refreshing?!

Quad biking

Some people say: Four wheels are better than two. All right, then – give quad tour a go! Saddled up very comfortably on one of the massive 4-wheel powered vehicles, you buzz along the prettiest stretches around Interlaken. Together with a tour guide who knows the area, and other quad bikers, you get an outstanding overall view of the surroundings. You stop at the nicest lookout points of the Bernese Oberland, pass by mystical forest roads and enjoy an extended rest on the alpine pasture. Sound good? Let’s go!

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Those who say that only the sea can offer a feeling of vastness are welcome to look at the element of air from a different angle. So let's go... Off into the air.

Interlaken, situated between Lakes Thun and Brienz, is the best place to enjoy a tandem paragliding flight. With a view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, you will float free as a bird over mountains and deep blue lakes - no better way to fly!

With Skywings, we were able to find a partner who is very familiar with this element. You can find more about our skywings


Have fun taking off.

P.S. Already knew: You can book your tandem paragliding flight directly above us, together with an overnight stay of your choice. Just click on "book now" and under EXTRAS you can make your overnight stay even more beautiful with e.g. this thing to do. Try it out.

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