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Stay wild, be curious. Love travelling, explore some new. Come get the HEY feeling.

I’m walking

Take to your heels … and stroll through Switzerland. Wait a second, through all of Switzerland? No, that’s not necessary, the region in and around Interlaken already offers you the pure Swissness feeling. Which means: Whether you are the summiteer or would like to stroll along one of the two magical lakes, it is beautiful here everywhere.

In your hiking tour, you can choose from a never-ending repertoire of hiking routes. The trail network around Interlaken is very well signposted and offers various degrees of difficulty. And the best thing is that: No matter where you are, somewhere, somehow one or the other summit will peep out and offer a fantastic panorama. Although you pass by idyllic lakes, amazing moorlands, majestic mountain passes and rustic alpine huts, your path actually leads you in only one direction: Experience Switzerland!

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