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Lake Brienz

The second option is Lake Brienz, to the east of Interlaken. Although its length of 14 km and width of 2.8 km make it somewhat smaller than Lake Thun, it is no less enchanting. This lake is also sparkling blue, glitteringly magical and gives a charming impression of endlessness, as it is embedded between the majestic mountain scenery and shimmers in the sunlight.

What you can do here:

Just like Lake Thun, a boat ride on Lake Brienz is also recommended. Since the lake is surrounded by picturesque mountain scenery and bubbling waterfalls, you can also start exploring the lake by land. How would you like a hike through unspoilt nature, pass by rustic villages with stylish wooden chalets? And for those who still think there’s not enough action, they may like to participate in one of numerous water activities offered on Lake Brienz: jet boats, water skiing, SUP – what’s your choice?

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