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Lake Thun

The name Interlaken comes from the Latin ‹inter lacūs›, meaning ‹between the lakes›. Actually, our pretty little city really lies between two glittering water worlds, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The former lies west of Interlaken, is 17.5 km long and max. 3.5 km wide – and thus the largest lake in Switzerland lying entirely inside a canton.

What you can do here:

First of all, a boat ride on Lake Thun is naturally worth your time. Tour operator BLS Schifffahrt offers various rides. In addition, you can also explore by land a few spots around the lake that are well worth seeing, such as the lakeshore with a panoramic view of the mountains or the five castles on Lake Thun, for example. Cool water activities like canoeing or stand-up paddling are also offered!

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